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About us

We founded our company at the end of 2007 with a single objective – to help compatriots in the UK send packages to the Czech and Slovak republics, or help them move back home. The birth of Dolphi Transport – low-cost shipping company between the UK and CR/SR.

It wasn’t long before customers started turning to us asking if they could have their packages sent to our UK address from e-shops, because many UK e-shops refuse to send them directly to their home. In March 2009 we therefore launched a new service – Shopping in the UK. This lets customers in CR/SR shop in the UK from the comfort of their own home, and use our address like their own. For four years we regarded this service as just a supplementary income, with no ambition to develop it further. In the first half of 2013, however, we started revising our website and the whole system and decided to offer our services also to other countries. This led to the creation of the website you are now visiting.

We basically turned years of experience into a new system, which we believe is unparalleled among companies offering the same kind of services on the UK market. By using their account on our website, customers can do practically anything with their purchases/packages. Whether it is combining different packages into a single parcel, checking the package content, taking a picture of the package or its contents, or returning the purchase to the eshop, or even deciding to discard the wrapping to save weight when combining purchases, and so save on shipping costs etc.

Our ambition now is to expand to other countries, where we expect a lot of interest in these kinds of services. We will add new countries depending on where we think there are limited shopping options compared to the UK, or countries where there are a lot of expats from the UK.

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