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Details of our services

Rental of UK address - get your own UK address for your shopping in UK. This is our primary service, which all our other services are linked to.

A perfect service for anyone that wishes to shop cheaply in the UK and have an endless selection to choose from.

Click on this link to see exactly how this service works.

The rental of an address is free, but related services may be charged. Click here to see our full pricelist.

Consolidation of purchases - we let you combine your purchases together into a single package (where possible), so you can save money on shipping costs.

This service is intended for anyone not wishing to pay shipping costs separately for each purchase.

If there is more than one parcel in your account, simply select the parcels that you want us to combine into a single package. We always try to use the smallest possible box that we can safely pack all of your orders into. With consolidation requests, you can decide to discard all the packaging material that the parcels arrived in. By doing so, you will lower the weight of the parcel and we can pack your parcels into a smaller box or smaller number of boxes. This may or may not affect the shipping costs. .

In some cases, if the packaging material of your purchases makes it possible, we will not repack the purchases into one or more boxes, but just forward them as they were received. Obviously, provided this does not affect the shipping costs.

During consolidation, we always go by the following rule: we pack your orders so you save as much on shipping costs as possible, without endangering the safe delivery of the parcel due to poor packaging.

Consolidated parcels need to be paid for and forwarded within 10 days of being requested. After this time, a fee for will be charged for the cancelled consolidation. Click here to see our full pricelist.

Purchase checks - We will check your purchases according to the information you provided, so you know exactly what is included in your order.

This service is for anybody who wants to know whether their shopping has arrived safely at our warehouse, meaning whether the delivered goods are not damaged and whether the items from the order match those in the parcel.

You can request to have a parcel in your account checked by filling in a simple form where you submit a list of items. We check each of the items included in the parcel for damage + we check whether the item matches the one that you have sent to us. Please note, we DO NOT CHECK the functionality of the product but only defects visible to the naked eye. For example, if a television has a cracked display that is visible to the naked eye, we will report it to you. For example, if you find out that the TV does not function properly after being plugged in, this is NOT part of the checking and we do not take responsibility for it. The checking usually does not take longer than 24 hours (only working days) from receipt of the request and the parcel is blocked during this period, meaning it cannot be forwarded, or another request like photographing the parcel cannot be made.

After checking, we will send you an email with the results of the check. In the event of any problems, you should deal with the claim with the e-shop yourself or you can authorise us to do it for you at a fee.

Please note that if you do not request a parcel check before it leaves our warehouse and you discover damage after delivery, the chances of successful settlement of your claim are reduced as it is not possible to find out at what stage the damage occurred. The e-shop may argue that the damage was caused during transport from our warehouse to you, because no claim was made after delivery to our warehouse. The shipping company that delivers the parcel from our warehouse to you can argue that the goods were already damaged when they collected them, which may be true if the damage was caused upon delivery to our warehouse. We advise you to request a check of the parcels after delivery to our warehouse and so prevent possible complications. At the same time, you will be able to prove clearly at what stage any damaged occurred.

The checking is charged as follows: the fee for checking each parcel is 4.90 GBP including VAT for a maximum of 10 items. The checking of every other item is charged at 0.49 GBP including VAT. It makes no difference if this concerns a unique item or 50pcs of the same item. The fee is charged for each physically checked item. Click here to see our full pricelist.

Photographing purchases - we photograph your purchases from inside and outside

A service similar to the checking of purchases, but instead of written notification we will send you photographs. Once again, this is intended for anybody who wishes to know what condition the purchases were in when arriving at our warehouse.

Once the request has been arranged, the photographs will be sent to your account and you will be informed by email. If a parcel is damaged and you wish to check the contents, you will need to make a request for a check of the purchases.

The photographing is charged as follows: the fee for each photograph is 1.20 GBP including VAT. Click here to see our full pricelist.

Returning purchases to e-shop. - Changed your mind? If the e-shops allow it, we will return your purchases to them.

We understand that there are certain situations in life when we need to change our plans. If for any reason you decide to return purchases that were already delivered to our warehouse back to the e-shop, then this service is for you. This service cannot be used if the purchase was already delivered to your home and you decide to return it to the UK.

You can send a request to have a purchase sent back either by email or using the contact form. You need to state which address we should return the parcel to. Please note that the return of a parcel has to be pre-agreed with the e-shop, otherwise they may not accept the parcel and it will be sent back to us. Many e-shops provide you with a reference number that has to be written on the parcel so they can accept it.

After receiving your request, we will contact you by email within 24 hours (only working days) to notify you about the shipping costs for returning the parcel. This amount along with our return fees has to be paid in advance, so we can send the parcel. If you decide to return shopping that was already delivered to your home, you should contact the e-shop and arrange how to do it. Unfortunately we do not provide this kind of service. .

The return of the parcel back to the e-shop is charged as follows: the fee for each parcel to be returned is 4.90 GBP including VAT + postage costs. It makes no difference if it is one purchase that the e-shop split into several parcels. The fee is charged separately for each parcel that is to be returned. Click here to see our full pricelist.

Personal collection from eBay auction - Collection only? Does the seller on eBay.co.uk request personal collection? We can help. We cover almost the whole of the UK.

eBay.co.uk is one of the biggest auction websites in the world. With a little exaggeration you could say that what you can’t buy on eBay, you can’t buy anywhere. Even renowned sellers now offer their products on eBay. There are about 120 000 business sellers registered on eBay.co.uk. Often the only option with products that are difficult to send by post or by courier is to have them collected in person. This is why we offer you a service where we collect the purchases directly from the seller’s address. This service is only offered for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where we can deliver even parcels of unusual dimensions .

We provide this service in cooperation with Dolphi Transport, a company that specializes in low-cost shipping between the UK and CR/SR. The request for personal collection from eBay.co.uk must be made directly on the website www.dolphi-transport.com. Before making a purchase, we always advise you to check if collection of the package from the seller is possible, as the shipping company does not cover the whole of the UK.

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