What's new? - updated 23.2.2021

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What's new? - updated 23.2.2021


Last week, we managed to negotiate a new contract with DPD, which guarantees you all significantly lower prices for the transport of consignments than before. As it is no longer possible to send shipments via Dolphi Transport from 1.1.2021, we tried to ensure that the price of transport at DPD also depends on the weight and not only on the number of packages.
We think we succeeded, judge for yourself a few examples:

1. Transport of 1 shipment to the Czech Republic, weight 10kg - price £19.46 (was £31.15), you will save about 37%
2. Transport of 1 shipment to the Czech Republic, weight 20kg - price £24.46 (was £31.15), you will save about 22%
3. Transport of 2 shipments to the Czech Republic, weight 7kg and 10kg - price £38.92 (was £62.30), you will save about 37%

For exact delivery prices to your country, you can use our shipping calculator.

We are currently sending shipments via DPD and Royal Mail. Alternatively, you can arrange your own transportation.

The second significant innovation, effective from 22 February 2021, is that it is again possible to insure consignments up to a maximum value of £500. The rate for additional insurance is 4% of the value of the shipment that you specify. The possibility of additional insurance only applies to shipments sent via DPD. Otherwise, shipments sent via Royal Mail are insured up to £20 and shipments sent via DPD have a basic insurance of £50.

From the end of last year until now, we have temporarily stopped charging you for storage, due to problems with transport from the UK. Since we managed to overcome the problems caused by Brexit and currently everything works as it should, we decided to charge the storage fee for all packages that you have with us for more than 30 days from March 1, 2021. Therefore, every package we receive can be stored for free for 30 days. After this period, we will charge you £0.30 per storage day for each package.

We just remind you that from 1.1.2021, every shipment sent from the UK must go through customs.

1. For the value of a shipment up to EUR 22, the recipient does not pay VAT or customs duties.
2. For consignments with a value between EUR 22 and EUR 150, the consignee pays only VAT.
3. For consignments with a value of more than EUR 150, the recipient pays VAT and, if applicable, customs duties. Whether the duty will be paid depends on the country of origin of the item (ie where it was produced) and the duty rate (from 0% to about 22%). The fact that a shipment is sent from the UK does not mean that it is covered by a duty-free agreement between the UK and the EU. The decisive factor is the country in which the product was manufactured, not the country from which it is shipped.

For example, you can check current duty rates here.

For consignments sent via DPD, the customs procedure will take place immediately after accession to the EU, either in France or the Netherlands, depending on the destination of the consignment. The recipient will receive an SMS and an email with a request for payment of VAT (and/or customs duties), simply by paying online via the payment gateway. After payment, the shipment continues to the recipient. Delivery is currently 5-6 working days, provided that the customs debt is paid on the same day as the request was sent.

For shipments via Royal Mail, the customs procedure will take place only in the country of delivery and the exact procedure varies according to the specific country. Provided that the value of the consignment is less than EUR 22, the consignment is released for free circulation and nothing needs to be paid.

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